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DSpace Performance Testing

This project provides JMeter tests, scripts, and documentation for running DSpace performance tests.

Read Sessions, transactions, and requests for details on the user sessions that are modeled for these tests.

Browse the github repository for the JMeter (jmx) test files and raw jtl/csv test results for the tests listed below.

Additional details about these tests, including downloadable datasets, can be found here

Baseline results

These tests were each performed on a dedicated m5a.large EC2 instance (8GB RAM, 2 virtual CPUs), running Amazon Linux 2 (similar to CentOS 7), on a single magnetic EBS volume, with Postgres 10 and all dependent services running on the same host, all served over HTTPS using Apache. These initial tests were intentionally performed without any tuning (so, with out-of-box settings), in order to establish a baseline for comparison. Java processes were run with Java 8. Tomcat was launched with a 4GB max heap size. For DSpace 7, the Angular UI was built with out of box production settings, and was launched with PM2.

Requests were made and measurements were recorded on a separate host within the same availability zone. To aid in remote collection of server metrics, Perfmon Server Agent was used.

Other test results